Bicycle Tourism

For destinations wanting to tap into their share of the $100 billion bicycle tourism industry

A sure fire way to attract more visitors!

Hub and Spoke Subscription

For destinations wanting a helping hand and the benefit and insights of trusted experts behind them

Bespoke Consulting Services

For destinations wanting exclusive access to, and detailed support from, the world’s bicycle tourism experts

Plug and Play Platform

For destinations who have great cycling experiences and print material, but need to get it digitised in a cost-effective and professional manner which reaches a broad cycling audience.

Whichever path you choose, we provide our clients with a clear road-map to success, ensuring their destinations are front and center in people’s mind when selecting their next cycling holiday.

Clients we work with want to better understand:

  • If their destination has what it takes to offer great cycling experiences?
  • What needs to be done to make it better?
  • What differentiates them from the many other bicycle tourism destinations popping up?
  • How to create their own unique value proposition and brand?
  • How to train or upskill local businesses to provide what cyclists need?
  • How to better market and promote their destination directly to cyclists?

We often find that our clients:

  • want to provide a fresh injection of economic activity but aren’t sure how to do it;
  • are frustrated that State and Federal funding seems to bypass them;
  • are frustrated that – while they can see the benefits of bicycle tourism – they’re having trouble communicating this to decision-makers; 
  • are frustrated by internal costs, processes, time frames and communication channels/platforms to develop content and market your destination; and
  • are tired of seeing other destinations jump at bicycle tourism opportunities which they constantly miss out on.

Sound familiar?

We’re here to help.

We help you define your unique bicycle tourism proposition and branding and then help you to market this directly to cyclists looking for their next adventure.

We identify and assess your destination’s opportunities and challenges for bicycle tourism. From this, we provide you with a recommendation report, containing easily implementable action items, requiring little to no funding, for some quick wins; as well as longer term solutions over 12 months and beyond.

This ensures you have an immediate avenue to attract more bicycle tourists from which you’ll start to see growth in visitor numbers that you can present to politicians and decision-makers to demonstrate the benefits of bicycle tourism for the local economy; to drive further growth and future possibilities.

We offer the only digital resource that provides a destination-based approach with all the information in one place for everything a person needs to research, plan and book their next cycling vacation: where to ride; where to stay, eat and drink; where to hire a bike; guided tours; events, key attractions and more.

We make it easy for visitors to find you, to access digital way-finding and trail maps, and to actively connect these with local businesses through an interactive web, mobile and app solution. Our technology is fully secure, hosted and responsive, integrating seamlessly with your existing web presence, and ensuring the material is branded the way you want it.

We also help you to expand your tourism product and build local business capability, enhancing existing business and providing opportunities for new ventures, revitalizing your local economy and community.


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