Upper Lachlan, NSW, Australia

What makes it great?

The Upper Lachlan Shire is located two hours’ drive from Sydney and one hour from Canberra.

Cycling experiences include:
● Quiet, country gravel roads;
● Pastoral landscapes and rolling hills;
● Small country townships.

Population: 7,695
Climate: dry temperate with hot dry summers and cool, bracing winters.

The Upper Lachlan Shire’s path to success

Identification of ride routes along country roads to take in the best of the region’s gravel experiences. Use of inspiring imagery across social media and other marketing channels. Visiting journalist itinerary for an Aus/NZ cycling magazine to further promote the region; in collaboration with neighbouring Shire partner.

Other cycling experiences include:
● Local cafes offering quality produce;
● A range of different price points for accommodation and eateries;
● Opportunities for base-accommodation and variety of ride options;
● Opportunities for multi-day rides and bike-packing between townships;
● Locally guided tours and regional events.

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