Tucson, Arizona, US

What makes it great?

Tucson is known for its vibrant arts and culture as well as being a UNESCO city of gastronomy.

Cycling experiences include:
● a certified IMBA Ride Center for its mountain biking experiences;
● a League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Community;
● exceptional road riding with challenging hill climbs, and gravel.

Population: 520,116
Climate: dry desert with very hot summers (Jun-Sep) and sunny mild winters, ideal for cycling (Nov-Apr). Winter cycling in Tucson is a key differentiator.

Tucson’s path to success

Identification and route mapping for arts and cultural trails with a focus on sightseeing and leisure rides highlighting key attractions and points of interest along the trails.

Promotion of mountain biking experiences across a range of different skill and fitness levels.

Guided tours include those offered by locally based Tucson company ‘Cyclist’s Menu’ with a focus on gastronomy.

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Video content to drive greater audience engagement on the CycleLifeHQ platform and through social channels.


“Working with CycleLifeHQ has been fantastic! They truly understand what makes a great cycling destination and have allowed us to take a more holistic approach to improving our bike tourism promotion. Their platform allows us to present our cycling assets in a more dynamic and meaningful way, while also providing a comprehensive set of tools that will allow us to engage both visitors and locals like we never have before.”
– Lee McLaughlin, Senior Director of Marketing, Visit Tucson

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