Cuyuna-Crosby, Minnesota, US

What makes it great?

The Crosby/Cuyuna region is host to a wealth of mountain biking experiences. It is a dedicated IMBA Ride Center and one of the World’s Top 32 cycling destinations, as rated by CycleLifeHQ.

Population: 2,386 (Crosby); 332 (Cuyuna)
Climate: cold, temperate with significant rainfall year-round of 714mm and an average annual temperature of 4.3 degrees celsius.

Cuyuna-Crosby’s path to success

Passionate local cyclists have helped put this region on the bicycle tourism map; as well as clever marketing through video campaign and turning the region’s challenges into opportunities: Fat biking through snow in wintertime is a unique differentiator for the region; as well as its marketing to attract ‘hardy-souls’ who want to earn a badge of honour cycling here in the region’s toughest winter months.

The region developed for mining purposes from 1907; and the last iron ore shipped in 1982 following steady decline from its peak in 1953. Deep lakes soon formed in the open cut mines, and forests regenerated the region. However, the economy went into significant decline. Economic revitalization arrived via the development of over 30 miles of single-track for summer mountain biking and over 40 miles of wintertime cross country skiing and fat-biking.

The key outcomes for Cuyuna-Crosby’s local community and economy

New local business ventures including accommodation, eateries, bike stores and guided tours.

Cycling now attracts over 30,000 cyclists annually to the region.

Active local Ambassador

The region has benefited from having a passionate and active local Ambassador who works tirelessly to help promote and market the region’s mountain biking opportunities:

Cuyuna Adventure Town USA –

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