Charles County, Maryland, US

What makes it great?

Charles County is located in close proximity (30 miles) to Washington DC, making it an ideal weekend getaway for local DC residents.

Cycling experiences include:
● Sightseeing/leisure
● Road cycling
● Triathlon
● Quiet, rural roads which are relatively flat

Population: 159,700
Climate: hot, humid summers and cool winters. Pronounced seasons make fall (Oct-Nov) and Spring (Mar-Jun) ideal cycling times of year.

Charles County’s path to success

Identification of ride routes to experience local natural and historic attractions; utilizing start and end base-points within Charles County to attract overnight visitation.

Other ride features include:
● Development of an overnight bike-packing itinerary from Washington DC, linking local businesses;
● Annual triathlon events and positioning as a triathlon training hub;
● Rail trail experiences.

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