Canberra and Region, ACT, Australia

What makes it great?

Canberra is Australia’s self-acclaimed ‘cycling capital’ as well as the national capital. It currently boasts Australia’s highest local participation rates for active transport and is positioning as an ideal bicycle tourism destination.

Cycling experiences include:
● A great diversity of supporting businesses, facilities and services for cyclists
● A wide range of annual events across all riding segments and audiences
● World-class mountain biking trails
● Well-connected off-road paths for sightseeing and leisure rides; including connections between the national institutions and key visitor attractions
● Many regular local weekly rides across the City

Population: 390,000
Climate: dry temperate with dry hot summers and cool winters. Autumn is Canberra’s best cycling season, though it can be ridden year-round.

Canberra’s path to success

The ACT Government’s commitment to cycling for locals and visitors has seen:
● recent introduction of a bike share scheme;
● development and endorsement of a Bicycle Tourism Strategy;
● continued investment in infrastructure, marketing and promotion;
● excellent wayfinding through print and directional signage; and
● local businesses positioning as cycle-friendly, such as the Abode apartment hotels, and introduction of a Bike Stop program.

The key outcomes for Canberra’s local community and economy

Canberra is experiencing growing numbers of cycling visitors each year from domestic and international travel; as well as new and enhanced cycling business ventures which include new transport shuttle services, guided tours, cafes and accommodations for cyclists.

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