Blue Derby, Tasmania

Mountain biking

What makes it great?

The Blue Derby mountain bike trails are Australia’s equivalent of Canada’s Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

Blue Derby caters to all range of riders; from complete novices and beginners to advanced hard-core technical adrenaline seekers. Trails are well maintained and there is extensive supporting infrastructure. Blue Derby provides a complete experience: nestled in temperate rainforest it’s a hub of mountain biking: a range of accommodation price-points; beer and pizza;
bike-wash facilities, secure bike storage; transport shuttles; bike rental and more.

Blue Derby’s path to success

The small township of Derby has its origins in tin mining, peaking in the 19th century before a slow demise from 1929.

Fast forward to 2015 and two local Councils developed a joint initiative, with a combined $3.1 million investment through grant funding from the Federal Government, to revitalise the region. The philosophy was simple: build it and they will come. And, in this case, they did! Marketing has captured the hearts and imagination of mountain bikers the world over; including the staging of high-profile events such as the Enduro World Series.

The key outcomes for Derby’s local community and economy

Blue Derby has cemented its position on the world mountain biking scene; a go-to destination. It is known and recognised internationally as a top-notch experience and must-visit destination.

Derby now welcomes over 30,000 trail visitors every year, breathing new life into the township, and transforming it from a ghost town of 208 to a thriving regional hub. The initial investment now returns around $30million per annum back into the region and the State.

A relatively isolated destination, an island State to the south of Mainland Australia, works to the advantage of Blue Derby, and across Tasmania more broadly. When planning a trip to Blue Derby,

cyclists maximise their investment in flights and travel time to stay longer – at Blue Derby; and elsewhere in the State. The average cyclist spends 4.4 nights in Derby and another 3-4 nights elsewhere in the State.

The Tasmanian Government is seizing the opportunity and results achieved by Blue Derby with significant investment in a range of other mountain bike parks and experiences across the State, including Maydena in the South, Blue Tiers also in the north-east and elsewhere.


For local bike shop owner, Buck Gibson, Derby’s success is more than just money: “He hires a few [local] teenagers who come around after school to wash bikes. He sees their pride and confidence in witnessing the transformation of their hometown”.

Image credit: Blue Derby Pods Ride Experience

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