Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

What makes it great?

Bendigo has a rich history and heritage, connected to rail trail experiences and has a relatively close proximity to Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne.

Cycling experiences include:
● A highly engaged and dedicated local cycling community – for recreation and active transport purposes.
Great advocates for bicycle tourism;
● Annual cycling events;
● Well maintained rail trail;
● Local bicycle stores with regular rides and supporting services for visiting cyclists.

Population: 92,379
Climate: warm, temperate with significant rainfall throughout the year of 575mm. Cycling can be enjoyed year-round.

Bendigo’s path to success

Feature rides for a wide range of audiences, linked to the region’s history and heritage.

Rides connect Bendigo with other nearby heritage townships and local businesses.

210km ‘Goldfields Track’ is broken into ‘family-friendly’ segments.

Embed codes from Bendigo Tourism direct to the CycleLifeHQ platform to boost engagement.

Creative channels to market the region as bicycle friendly, including the hosting of conferences.

Certification as Australia’s first Bicycle Friendly Community.


“We are in the process of finalising our new website and have been embedding the rides that Cyclelife HQ has
developed for us. These are looking good”. – Bradd Worrell, Tourism Industry Development Officer

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