Bellingen, NSW, Australia

What makes it great?

Bellingen is a charming town on the banks of the Bellingen River, offering a range of water-based activities in conjunction with cycling. The region also offers quaint villages and architecture, together with a vibrant community of artists and local artisans.

Cycling experiences include:
● Sightseeing/leisure
● A relaxed cycling itinerary for a rest and relaxation break amongst rainforest and waterfalls

Population: 12,518
Climate: mild, warm temperate making for ideal year-round cycling.

Bellingen’s path to success

Identification of ride routes to experience local natural and historic attractions; utilizing start and end base-points within Bellingen to attract overnight visitation. Rides focus on the existing attractions of the regions, enabling visitors to explore by bike. Rides are suited to families, sightseers and road cyclists. Other ride experiences offer nature-based trails along local fire trails, easily rideable by mountain bike or gravel bikes by riders of all skill and fitness levels.

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