Abode Apartment Hotels, Australia

What makes it great?

The Abode Apartment Hotels are a boutique hotel chain comprising six individual properties in and around Canberra and the region.

Their locations provide clients with access to key business districts, wineries and top sightseeing attractions – all accessible by bike.

Abode Apartment Hotel’s path to success

The Abode Apartment Hotels identified the growing niche of bicycle tourists and positioned themselves to market to, and attract these customers.

Extensive online and print material makes it clear that the hotel chain is very welcoming to cyclists and makes sure this is clear in all its marketing messages, including through text and images.

The Murrumbateman Apartment hotel, located in close proximity to local wineries, provides free bikes for their guests, together with information about the riding routes. The hotel also allows cyclists to store bikes in their rooms and has bike-wash facilities. The hotel regularly advertises wine and bike weekends and is in the process of identifying and developing off-road routes to some of the closest wineries.

Abode has also partnered with their local bicycle advocacy group to offer a ‘Visiting Friends and Relatives program’ whereby club members can pass on discount savings to their visiting friends and relatives.

Why is it popular with cyclists?

Cyclists select the Abode Apartment Hotels as their preferred accommodation when in the region because:

  • they are made to feel welcomed;
  • they know their business is appreciated;
  • the hotels cater for a wide range of cyclists – including families; and the family pet!;
  • itinerary packages make it easy for cyclists to experience the best local attractions; and
  • marketing is inspiring and high quality.

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