Lake Constance, Europe

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What makes it great?

The Lake Constance bicycle path is the most ridden circuit in Europe. At 270km long, traversing three countries, the path provides numerous opportunities for cyclists of all levels and interests. There are a further 300 rides in the various communities and regions surrounding the Lake. Breathtaking views of Lake Constance and the Alps make it one of Europe’s most popular cycling routes. Townships are welcoming with coordinated information and an integrated cycling experience. There is plentiful
bicycle friendly accommodation. Bike rental and luggage transfer services are also commonplace.

Lake Constance’s path to success

Lake Constance has a long history as a tourism destination. With many attractions, a rich history, and the picturesque nature of the Lake and its backdrop of Alps scenery, it has a lot to offer. Bicycle tourism came to the fore through an organic and iterative process, rather than a strategically planned campaign with start-up funding.

The key outcomes for Lake Constance’s local community and economy

In 2017 there were nearly 20.7 million overnight stays in accommodation lodgings around Lake Constance with an average stay of 2.3 nights. Of these, over 380,000 ride bicycles during their visit.

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