We don’t have funding for marketing. How can we market our destination?

Never underestimate the power of social media; and connecting with others to do your marketing for you – locals, visitors etc. Create hashtags that are relevant and specific for your destination and encourage people to use them. Examples include #ILoveDestination Social media is easy to use and has a large reach when done well. HootSuite is a fantastic tool which is very user-friendly and has a number of free tutorials on how to best maximise social media. Good quality and eye-catching images or videos are a must.

How do I engage with local businesses to buy into bicycle tourism so we have a coordinated approach and united front from which to promote our destination?

For a destination to be truly effective in attracting the greatest possible number of bicycle tourists, the whole community should be behind it. The best way to engage other businesses is by showing them what’s in it for them. Primarily, this will be the economic benefits to be derived from bicycle visitors – those who stay longer and spend more than the average tourist. Case studies and examples from other similar towns or regions are a good starting point. Stakeholder workshops and seminars are also an effective way to obtain buy-in and shared ownership for bicycle tourism in your destination. CycleLifeHQ can also host seminars and or webinars for your local area; as well as one-on-one communications with identified stakeholders.

How do I attract more bicycle tourists?

Once you’ve got all the necessary infrastructure and supporting services in place, marketing and promotion is key. We recommend undertaking an assessment to identify your unique value proposition – what is it about your destination that sets you apart and offers something that no-one else can. Once you’ve established this, you’ve got your key marketing tool in place and now need to get out there and shout it loud and clear to your intended audience. Chat to us today and we can help with marketing and promotion – it’s what we do!!

What are the key aspects required to be a successful bicycle tourism destination?

At the most basic level, your destination will require reasonable cycling infrastructure – bike paths, mountain biking trails and/or good on-road cycling routes. Beyond this, it is beneficial to have supportive local businesses (accommodation, cafes, guided tours, bike mechanics) and good way-finding (online and/or printed maps and brochures). Effective marketing and promotion are also important.

Why should we invest in bicycle tourism? What are the benefits?

The bicycle tourism industry is a strong economic generator, and is transforming many destinations – almost overnight by providing new income streams and job opportunities. Click through to ABC article “Wheels of progress: What happens when a rural town becomes the mountain bike capital of Australia?” which provides a great insights as just one example.