Our team

CycleLifeHQ is led by a passionate team, dedicated to helping destinations just like yours develop and enhance their bicycle tourism opportunities. We help improve your local economy and community by attracting more cyclists. We help you capture your share of the $100 billion bicycle tourism market.

Charles Black - Tourism CycleLifeHQ

Charles Black, CEO & Co-Founder

CEO and co-founder, Charles has been riding bikes all of his life. CycleLifeHQ was born out of his belief that the world’s first bicycle tourism one-stop-shop could radically transform the lives of individuals, businesses and communities.

Anna Gurnhill, Global Operations Manager

Global Operations Manager, Anna, loves cycling, travelling and drinking good coffee. She’s responsible for managing client relationships and service, customer support, content development, program delivery and business development.

Matthew Ryan - Tourism CycleLifeHQ

Matthew Ryan, Head of Digital & Co-Founder

Head of Digital and Co-Founder, Matt rides mountain bikes and is passionate about technology. Matt is responsible for product development and solving the problems relevant to our destinations, businesses and cyclists.

Jeff Miller - Tourism CycleLifeHQ

Jeff Miller, Associate

Jeff Miller has been leading organizations to make communities across the US safer and better for biking and walking for many years. Jeff is our North American business associate, helping destinations and local businesses use CycleLifeHQ to integrate bicycle tourism in their community.

Our locations

Charles, Matt and Anna are located in Canberra, Australia. They are no strangers to travel. Global Operations Manager, Anna, happily self-identifies as a digital nomad, working with destinations globally; laptop and bike in tow.

Jeff is located in Washington DC, North America.