Call Center Girl Mauritius

With an experience of over 10 years based on "Remote Client" relationship, ArtCom is a call center offering a full-fledged service in transmission and reception of calls and operating in a pleasant and a state-of-the-art work setting.

ArtCom – our strengths:

ArtCom is distinguished by a corporate culture based on six major themes namely:


Our tele advisors all speak perfect French and English. This bilingualism is an asset for a company that may see its market share grow in several countries.

Complete transparency

Transparency is for ArtCom Outsourcing the basis of a healthy and sustainable business. To do this, you will be in contact with a dedicated person who will be able to inform you as often as necessary. In addition, you will be able to remotely, via Internet, listen in real time the advisors working on your project.

Collaborators involved

We accompany our teams on a daily basis by tracking personalized training requirements, set clear objectives, daily debriefings and status meetings.

The stability of our teams

All tele advisors receive a permanent contract on their arrival in our society. It is a motivation to achieve business goals. In addition to his base salary, we also ensure a variable part based on achieving significant business results, ensuring a low rate of "turnover" within the company.

Reliability of appointments and sales

Beyond the quality of calls made by our tele advisors, supervisors are responsible for locking with each client sales and appointments made by the teams (calls made to J-2), thus ensuring a low withdrawal rate.

Internal quality audits

Each supervisor leads a team of tele advisors and has the responsibility of assessing and reviewing the team performances monthly.